Osaka Must-Eats

In the past week, I have dined at two next-level contemporary eateries in Osaka which you OUGHT to know about and hopefully try out for yourself. The first one is Smorrebrod Kitchen  located in the Osaka library building and the second is NORTHSHORE a 10 or so minute walk from it. Both boast a mouthwatering menu, a beautiful ambiance, saliva-inducing sandwiches and citrus infused water. Oh how I wish I lived in this city so that I could go back again and again and again. Pleaaaase go in my place.

Smorrebrod Kitchen 
I ordered the fish set menu which happened to be shrimp that day. It came with a cold corn soup, a fresh crisp salad and a fancy shrimp dish (see below). To drink, I had homemade ginger-ale with real ginger. Mmmm. And citrus-infused water! The menu was in Japanese but the handsome waiter explained everything to me in English. I read food magazines and soaked in the positive ambiance. Just gorgeous. After, I sent my pictures to SK’s Instagram. They replied with: “Thank you for your message. I’m so happy. Come back anytime.” Don’t worry SK, I WILL!
I actually heard (well, read) about Northshore at Smorrebrod Kitchen (in a food magazine). So I guessed it would be popular but I didn’t realize that we’d have to wait for a table for about 40 min at 3pm! That’s not even remotely lunch-timeish! However, it was so worth the wait. In fact, I would even wait 3 hours. Yes, 3! It was that good. Ashleigh and I shared the egg and vegetable sandwich and the very berry pancakes. The tropical pancakes also looked good! The menu here was in English and almost all the staff could also speak it. The menu items can easily be shared but who can resist ordering one thing anyway? So good. Oh and the view! Oh the view. If there is anything I do before leaving Osaka it’s going here again!


      1. Lol. Sheffield, England. A bit of a commute. Maybe we could do a like for like photo challenge? You take a picture, I try to find some thing similar then visa versa.

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