The More I Live The Less I Fear

Do you remember Yasu? My ex-neighbour that was too shy to talk to me for a year but then became my best friend? Well, she came to visit me in the big city and we had a blast together and I showed her my new favorite places. In saying that, I couldn’t help but notice a lot of this (see below picture) which made me think… (don’t say I told you so!) that the countryside does have its benefits. For one, I am spending a lot of unnecessary money here. Mostly on over-priced drinks (oops) and it’s hard to walk past a top that’s been reduced by 80%! I also can’t help but feel body conscious with the crazy amount of advertisements everywhere. However, I still believe the more I live the less I fear.


  1. Your pics of Osaka are so beautiful! They make me want to arrange a trip to Japan right away :D Also, I am coming to the conviction that courage is a habit and I am 100% agree with you: the more you live, te less you fear. Have a great time in Osaka, brave girl :)

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  2. I totally agree–I have such an issue spending too much money on eating out! :( I’m working on it! Anyways, you and Yasu are so adorable! It looks like you two have amazing times in Osaka!


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