“Know That You Can Start Late…

…look different, be uncertain and still succeed.” -Misty Copeland

This city makes me feel I can do anything!

Notice: spicy vegetarian curry at CAMP and the unfortunate sign in the local train of how *some* Japanese view non-Japanese.


  1. It’s funny how that’s actually an advertisement for studying abroad, as if portraying foreigners like that would get people excited to go there… (I think it’s especially sad that they see that, as usual, ‘all foreigners are American’, which is obviously the nation they’re describing here ><)

    I'm super glad the city is giving you so much hope and energy, and of course I'm loving your posts and pictures, as always 📷♡

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      1. Just about the worst I’ve ever been, but not quite (at least there’s that)… Won’t bother with the histrionics… Chicken soup… Some of my otc recommendations a few posts back. Get better, and I hope G-d just heard my prayer for you… <3


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