Make A List

If you haven’t heard of Dallas Clayton, you’re missing out (big time!) so please check him out here right NOW!

Welcome back! Isn’t he an unfairly talented guy? To me, he is a huge inspiration. I only wish to inspire like he does. Last night, when I was pondering my new found smile, I came across Clayton’s latest work of art:
How could I have missed something so simple? I mean, I was trying my best to live a good life, the countryside was so beautiful. I’d started new hobbies including cycling and yoga and made unexpected friends like this ojichan (old man) and yasu. But that didn’t mean I was actively engaging in activities I knew I loved. I know this sounds vain, I really do, but in this city, I am happy because I am filling my day with activities I know that I like. I am exercising (not sitting on my bottom for 8 hours straight in a suffocating room), walking walking walking (not driving for one hour to get groceries, alone), eating healthy, dressing pretty, writing in artsy cafes, appreciating diversity, purchasing freshly-made green smoothies and enjoying the odd glance from a boy. My new life makes me feel alive and it makes me feel young!

So how about you? What makes you happy? Painting? Drawing? The ocean? Cooking? Dining out? Road-trips? Building Lego? Dancing to the Beatles? Collecting fruit-stamps, watching old movies?

Are you doing it? Could you be doing it more?


  1. What a wonderful post – full of colour, joy, beauty and wisdom :) I love the very succinct four line wisdom – cuts straight to the heart of how to live a life worth living. Humour with an after kick…Fab! Blessings, Harula xxx

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    1. Hi. Good to be back with a hopefully new heart that can turn a negative to a positive. Not sure if I can continue past end of month, so you had my advance goodbye (just in case), but now you have me again at hello. How did you know?

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  2. I agree that we need to be doing things that make us happy, however I also believe we need to be doing things that make others happy as well. Making others happy gives you more satisfaction then making yourself happy in my opinion we need to be doing both not just focusing on what are wants and needs and satisfactions but in those of others as well

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    1. Hey Jose! Of course, you are so right. Also, what we like to do and what we can do for others doesn’t have to be two separate things. We can try and serve through our talents and hobbies as well. I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s also important to look after yourself and do things you enjoy so that you are emotionally healthy and happy to give to others.

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