Bright Lights

I am in Osaka and I am already loving it. So far, I haven’t really figured out how I’m going to post about this place (I will be here for one month) but I guess whatever I do will be similar to the others: honest snaps of my every day. All I know is that I can’t wait to wake up and explore even more. Ah, I cannot begin to tell you how good it is here. Maybe because I was in the countryside for a little longer than I should’ve or maybe because this is just how Osaka is. It is alive. I feel energy everywhere. People are living, riding their bicycles, lighting their cigarettes, blowing on their hot food and catching Pokemon. I missed civilisation. We were born to connect. Don’t get me wrong, nature is beautiful and important but there’s only so much solidarity a young lady (only 23) can take!
In addition to vending machines and convenience stores, Japan has ample hair salons. And not just any old barber shop, their hair salons are so cool! Super chic and fancy! I always think they’re restaurants.
Japanese are experts at making fake food look just as appetising as real food! Actually, I once watched a documentary on this… so good!
“You can’t understand a city without using its public transportation system.” (Erol Ozan)


      1. Too bad how something so lovely-seeming can turn out to be fake. Let’s learn this as a life lesson. I wish you well and I hope you continue to grow. I’m not sure whether I’ll be back; this may be goodbye. Life ahead and much to do. Take care, Anisa. You’ll always be in my heart.

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