1. OMG! Those are the cutest little egg faces! Eeeee! And I love the rice photo closeup ( that is rice, isn’t it?). My bike basket’s dented, too.I’m gonna miss Japan when you go.

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    1. Yes rice! It has grown so much from being just a little green thing in a pool of water! I’ll try make a comparison photo. Oh man. Randy. My student carved my face into an eraser and made an Anisa sensei stamp for me!! I bawled my eyes.


      1. I saw the picture of it and couldn’t figure why your name was backwards! Now I know! Wow! Do you have some latex paints to stamp with (it’ll wash off)? And I remember your earlier photos of the rice stocks; that’s amazing it grew that fast! I thought, perhaps, the leaves might’ve been saw palmetto, but they’re not serrated.


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