Me Before You: A Movie Review

There should be a fine for promising trailers that end up not delivering at all. Not even a little bit. If there is one message Me Before You gives across, it’s that the value of our time should always come before that. What a load of bollocks (did I get that right?). Ridiculous.

You have amazing inspirational movies like The Theory of Everything where the dude can’t even utter a word but stays positive and ends up becoming a genius academic author guy inspiring trillions then you have this spoilt brat who can speak better than the most of us who ends up SPOILER ALERT simply giving up.

Now, before you attack me for having no right to speak on the matter and not understanding the pain of such individuals, know that I am not commenting on this community as a whole. I’m just saying, that this character was dumb. You have all these scenes where he is making intelligent remarks on race horsing, appreciating classical music, admiring the view, rejoicing in his friend getting it on with some blonde, joking at a birthday party, buying a thoughtful gift and making this one girl’s entire life and shutting down her boyfriend with epic sarcastic remarks – all of which prove his life, just as any other individual’s, is worth life then BAM, bye bye! I can’t be happy because I’m not who I used to be, blah blah. Gosh, it makes me so mad. No one is who they used to me.  I sure as hell aren’t. Life happens. We change. Physically and emotionally and we don’t stop. It’s not easy for anyone. It’s not supposed to be. Again, relax, I know this attitude doesn’t apply to everyone.

Last, Emilia’s wardrobe is over-done. I mean, there’s hipster, then there’s too much.



  1. LOL I completely understand your point but I have a different view of the movie. I enjoyed it because it wasn’t what I expected at all. They sell the idea of your typical love story but then it isn’t typical at all. Every time I thought “oh I know what’s gonna happen” it didn’t happen as expected. I did however like reading your opinion :) PS her wardrobe was supposed to be eccentric not hipster

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    1. I completely understand your point of view too! You are right it was definitely unpredictable!! How fascinating that two people can have such different readings of the same film! Hehe I did however enjoy Lou’s smile – so so beautiful and the last shots of Paris! Thank you for reading xxx Seen any other good movies lately? I saw Finding Dory which I liked a LOT hehe

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      1. I’ve been wanting to see Finding Dory but haven’t had the time yet. We went to see Tarzan. At first I thought it would be the same old story but I was pleasantly surprised. The story was interesting and it had quite a lot of action too. I’ll definitely go watch Dory now. I cried so much with the first one:)


  2. I actually LOVED the movie, but I can understand why some people didn’t. In fact, there was a lot of controversy because of the portrayal of the “negative mindset” of the disabled, but I think that not everybody is so quick to judge based on a single pop culture portrayal. I simply focused on the love story itself, and I thought the chemistry was amazing without the predictably unrealistic ideals every romantic movie shows.


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