20 days to go. I am trying my best to make the most of every day, knowing that when I look back on my time here, I’ll only remember the good and miss it. Terribly. Today, I am appreciating Nishiawakura, the village next to mine. Not only is it home to some of my dearest friends in Japan, it is also beautiful and, bursting with raw talent. From Olivier and Hiromi’s bread to Lifa and Akiko’s woodwork to Naho sensei’s pottery to the fresh herbs and vegetables lovingly cultivated by sweet old couples. Of course, Nishiawakura’s talent is not limited to this image for it seems almost every inhabitant there is making and creating in the hope of putting their unique mark on the world.

Thank you, Nishiawakura. I am going to miss you.


  1. Anisa, You exhibit great strength of character in your reflections upon your year in Japan. As you know, conformity to accepted ways are valued. Innovation is not held in high regard. Your Western ideas are anathema to the Japanese. Your presence posed a threat to your superiors.
    I know of one man , a native-born American engineer, who rose to the office of president of a major Japanese subsidiary in America. Yes CEO. And he pushed the company leaving l the competitors in the dust. He would have been over looked if not for the major gains in the company’s balance sheet during his leadership. That company, like many in japan, care for their employees with a job for life. It’s also my understanding that women are the hands and feet of corporations and rarely in positions of power except if they inherit the company.
    For the life of me, I fail to understand how you, as an experienced English teacher, with command of her students, is perceived by her superiors to be a threat to the public good in any way? Yes, you were the victem of irrational race hatred and harassment. Have you talked with a lawyer?

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