1. Hey! Those screenshots are from Sword Art Online, my favourite anime show! :)

    Are you a fan as well? I have been looking around for a fellow fan to talk about the episodes and speculate about future developments and so on and so forth!


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    1. Hey! Unfortunately I don’t actually know the anime the picture is from! I just stole it off Pinterest. I searched “anime surprise kiss” anyways now I have changed it because I found a higher definition image. Sorry! Studio Ghibli is my favorite anime! Toooo cute.


  2. Anisa,
    That is soooo beautiful!
    I love your poetry, so much. It brings tears to my eyes! I hope to see your stars always rise! Oh, wow; I wasn’t even trying to rhyme. I hope you’ll write a poetry book, your memoirs, and be president of your birth country one day (soon!).

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      1. I hope I live long enough to see you as president, presiding over a free country which can welcome a Jewish person; I’d come to visit you! I know it has nothing to do with you and its actions aren’t yours. I’m just making excuses, and setting you the stars to reach — you can do it. I really do envision you now as president. They need you. Meanwhile, I’m shooting arrows at anti-Semitism while also trying to “Make America Great Again”! (I was 100% accurate in picking one candidate…). Are you setting up contact people in India yet?

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