Live With Your Arms Wide Open

Have started writing goodbye letters to my friends and students. For my students, I am begging them to continue with their English, to travel, to explore, to create and to live with their arms wide open.
image (1)image (2)imageimage[2]


  1. You are a good teacher! When I was studying in secondary school, NONE of my teachers ever told us to travel. They kept feeding patriotic propaganda to us, telling us that Singapore is the best and if we ever go to a Western country, we would get bullied by foreigners etc.

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  2. Beautiful, beautiful photos that stand in their own right and need no captions.

    Some stories:

    a) I was pleasantly surprised recently when I ran into one of my ex-students from JHS; I taught her about 15 or 16 years ago. She’s moved from Okayama to Tokyo and has a partner from Tunisia; she’s also been there with him for lengthy amounts of time and seems to happily embrace an international lifestyle.

    b) I ran into another student at an English Conversation Bar in the city; she is still studying and practicing her English and is good at speaking. She was also a student from 15-16 years ago but recognized me right away.

    Neither of these ladies were “high-level” English speakers when they were in JHS but are international in their own way. I’m sure there are more like them as well.

    We never know exactly how we will influence the young, impressionable minds that we work with, but I’m sure you’re students will surprise you pleasantly, even if you can’t see it in them now. Come back and visit in about 15 years, and find out :-)

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    1. Wow thanks so much for sharing your experience Andrea! You are definitely right, sometimes we have no idea how we will influence those around us! I will just have to take you up on your offer ;) If you’re still in Okayama in 15 years I’ll stay with you hehe


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