Eating For Two…

So I have a confession to make… I think it’s important you know…

Hehe did it work? Did you click the link thinking I was pregnant? Ha, well it’s pretty hard here without any human interaction. As much as I love Asian babies that isn’t my confession. Yet. I want to talk to you about food bloggers. I want to tell you that contrary to our beliefs, they don’t always eat everything they make. Like, all of the foodporn on their Instagram is often just that. After they’ve put a filter on it and shared it on the World Wide Web, they, like me, probably share it with their friends or only eat a quarter and pack the rest for later. Don’t be fooled y’all. Remember the old adage: “never trust a skinny chef.”
In other words, no one stays fit off sweet potato, medijool, cashew cream cake for dessert.


  1. To be honest, I think sometimes this healthy microcosm of food blogs sets a bad example (ironically), as it can foster insecurities, because most of the time it sounds like “This super decadent brownie recipe makes 12 (tiny, but they don’t tell you that) servings. When I feel totally idulgent, I have half a piece for lunch ;) ” or “I made a huge batch of acai-muffins and can’t stop eating them, they’re soooo good”, especially coming from skinny bloggers…
    But I really like your food-themed entries, the positivity resonates with me, and there’s not a trace of a holier-than-thou-attitude. The flowers are a definite plus, too ;)

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    1. Thank you for your sweet sweet comment!! Yes, sometimes it’s better to eat a chocolate bar than to have 3 slices of raw, vegan, sweetened with pure maple syrup, cake! I see so many Instagram foodies post back-to-back foodporn of sweet potato this, and avocado that and it’s like okay, they’re natural but they’re also really high in natural sugar and natural fat so like everything in moderation, yah?! :D

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  2. I hate sharing food, but sometimes I just can’t make a recipe single-serving, no matter how hard I try! Anyways, I would definitely love to make some food for two if I’m cooking for a friend or my sister!

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