Love Has You Covered Love Has You

I haven’t forgotten my attempt at eating more savory foods. I am trying. I bought more muesli but that’s just because I cannot, for the life of me, love anything else as much as I love my muesli bowls. They bring light to my heart. Also because, every single morning (7 days a week) an incredibly loud and highly inappropriate siren sounds in my village to announce 6 o’clock. It is inappropriate because after living in Iran and Israel, it always freaks me out. I instinctively think of missiles. Though the next village wakes up to musical chimes. When I first arrived and knew nothing about countryside Japan life, each time I heard the loud siren I stressed so much. Eventually I realized it happened every day and at the same time. When my parents came to visit and the siren went off, my panic-stricken mother woke my father and I up. These days, I intentionally get up before 6 when it’s usually dark. And it is when I am making coffee or decorating my muesli bowl when the siren sounds and the sun comes out.

PS that’s not my bike. It is some old lady’s bike. The salad is made of vegetable “noodles” using this little hand rolling device. It is yellow zucchini and cucumber dressed in apple cider vinegar and olive oil. It was my contribution to a home-cooked Japanese dinner I was invited to. The dahl/dal or dhal however you spell it is made of adzuki beans – my humble attempt at marrying the flavors of Japan and India.



  1. 6am alarm!!?? That’s crazy! We have loud music that plays here in Okinawa everyday but at least it’s at 7am…… Although I really could do with a break on the weekend!!

    Also, where you live looks just gorgeous!

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  2. We love you; me, too. Love the fish dish with the two blocks of tofu. Twin with my own glass fish dish! One fish, two fish, me fish, you fish! Hee! :)


  3. As of now I’ve been eating a lot more savory breakfasts too! Curries, soups, salads, you name it! However, I have so much granola, muesli and cereal that I only find it too convenient to make dessert sweet potato dishes, like sweet potato cereal :P

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  4. I was surprised I didn’t even wake up when the alarm sounded. I’m usually a light sleeper, so I must have been incredibly tired!
    When I see the pictures of your stunning place, I feel so nostalgic! In these pictures it looks as amazing as the day I arrived there, with the clouds over the mountains… Amazing! ^^

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