Bye Bye Bento

I first acquired this “bento box” from a lovely Japanese woman who farewelled me with it from her shop, filled with left-over vegetarian lasagna. Naturally, I instantly fell in love. I’d never seen anything like it before and soon enough, a piece of tin became (and I’m being truly honest here), my most prized possession. Often, I would think if I were to choose one thing to keep with me for the rest of my life, it would be my bento box. I day-dreamed about taking to Europe then India. Filling it with love. I don’t even know why I let myself think it was mine. I felt so attached to the thing. I feel so attached to it. It has sort of become a symbol of freedom and happiness in my life. Because every lunch-time, I can get away from the depressing teacher’s room and go outside with my lunchbox.

Today my worst fear came true.

She asked for it back.

So I am forced to say bye bye, bento.



  1. Oh no! It’s really sad. You can see the love breathing through your bento compositions, one more gorgeous than the other. Are you embarking on a trip to find your true personal bento? I don’t want to sound ironic to you. I truly think that an object so intimately linked to a basic need is worth a journey of self-discovery. Like the bowl of a monk.

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    1. WOW! This comment blows my mind. Thank you Nina! That is exactly it. I am on a journey of self-discovery. A journey of learning, growth, love (hopefully) and a bento box of my own! EEEE thank you for walking with me.


  2. You have to get a new one. It is not going to be the same, for sure. Still (leaving your feelings aside for a moment) many or your followers need to see your lunch in such a box. Please, try finding&using another one… for us!

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  3. oh gosh! I totally get this! I’ve never even HAD a bento box but I adore them. I’ve never been able to even buy one cuz I can’t settle on one, each one I see is cuter than the next! I feel like if I had one I would eat better :-) AND it would make me happy.

    You definitely need to get one of your very own.


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  4. Parting is such sweet sorrow. :-( You will replace the Bento Box with something much better. Not to ‘replace’ the memories, but to extend them through your own…. whatever it is you find in place of the beloved Bento Box.

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  5. Seeing those pictures, I better understand that your bento box is for your an important way to organize your food imagery. I’m not sure of the terms here, but it does function as a special kind of framing device you have adopted which literally embodies a Japanese way of seeing things and organizing experience.

    It sounds a little like a break-up. So if you can’t buy/retrieve that one back from the store, maybe you want to look around in a market for another which you might grow to love.

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    1. Yes, I will definitely be looking for a new one. The problem is the bento boxes in the shops are all shiny and plastic and new. I liked this one because of its character.. perhaps I will find a new one overseas. Thank you for your lovely comment as always David.


    1. Yes, but the problem is… I don’t like the new plastic bentos.. I loved this one because it was so vintage. I will only be able to find one from a second-hand store.. which we don’t have in the village! wahhhh


    1. The left-over lasagna was for me but not the container/bento box. And for some reason I adopted it and after 6 months of having it I assumed it was mine ha ha ha silly me.


      1. LOL Okay, I get it.

        I once packed a party left-over dish for a friend. I used a nice container, though plastic, it’s expensive. I had to ask for it back. I should have used aluminum foil, lol.

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  6. Oh, that’s so sad. I hurt for you, reading about it. I think it will be one little step of mourning: leaving Japan and the people and the way that’s been your life for a while now. It will be bittersweet. But, soon you will have new discoveries with new happiness to fill the space where hurt once dwelled. I’m sorry about this for you. Brighter things are on their way for you, if you will bear this out now. The entire collage is stunning. It needs to be put on a poster, and added to your line of linens, kitchenware and totebags (Totes!) with that wonderful cut fruit photo I commented about (comment didn’t make it through,I don’t think). Please let’s see that beautiful daisy crown.

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  7. These are Bento-box masterpieces! Food as a colour palate of fun & excitement for the much as for the palate. It reminds me of the lovely Indian movie, “The Lunchbox”…perhaps you have seen it?!

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  8. Oh, I missed this blog and I should’ve noticed it earlier. I’m sure you could explain that you honestly thought the bento box was a part of gift and you absolutely loved it, so you could ask for a replacement instead. I suppose she would have given it to you then. In Japan especially my mom’s age, they expect the container should be returned, but to avoid this confusion, we now normally use disposable or reasonable containers. For your information, we normally do not return the container empty, but put something in it in return.
    Anyway I’m sorry to hear that you had to return that…. I assume she asked you to return that because she might have thought the box had been put in your cupboard without being used and she would’ve been happy to know that you absolutely loved it and she would’ve happily given it to you though…
    Anyway please enjoy the rest of your stay in Japan!!

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