There Is Joy In All

Turns out life as a “writer” ain’t so glamorous, after-all. The eager seven year-old in me is crushed. I opened up my heart and wrote of things vulnerable only to be bullied by someone that I don’t even know. Today, I will practice finding joy in all.

The rainy-season isn’t helping at all. image[3]image[2]
“There is joy in all” – Anne Sexton
“I’m learning to be more careful with my words. Words that seem meaningless at the time can end up having a lot of power. Seeds that you didn’t even intend to plant can fall off you and start growing in people” -Humans Of New York
“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad. Whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art” – Andy Warhol


  1. Is that your new spoon :-)?…and bear bell? How warming, comforting….and the food, so beautifully and uniquely presented. I know you are good at what you do and your works show you love what you do (that should be no secret to you).

    My heart sank for you, at the onset of this blog. I could feel your pain and I thank you for sharing and being a living example!

    I appreciate how you went from rainy, gloomy, broken hearted and allowed your images to reflect a positive ‘vibration’, regardless of how small, which in the end, brought me a smile and warmed my heart.

    You got this!

    As someone recently reminded me….
    “Hakuna Matata” my friend.
    It means, “No worries for the rest of your days”. ~ Lion King

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    1. Dear Renedith,

      Thank you SO much for noticing the details of my post. Your comment made me cry. If I can make one person happy with my art then that is enough. Thank you for acting as today’s sunshine.

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  2. Unfortunately in the social media world as it is today, there will be trolls and haters. Don’t let ’em detract you. You’re a beautiful person, with a gift for putting pen to paper, and are pretty handy w/phone pics to boot… what’s not to love?!

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  3. You, oh great Anisa, have great things to say. Do not allow bullies to beat you down. If they do not like what you write, they do not have to read it. I understand you situation because I have had people trash me, but I keep on, and many people find pleasure in what I have written just as many have pleasure in what you write. You have a great gift that nobody can take away or destroy.

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      1. You are very graciously welcome. What have you done? You have lived your life and not someone else’s, and you have told great stories. You have more to tell.


  4. Yes words are the are our most powerful gifts and when they are used for destruction they diminish holiness in the world. We call this the Yietsah Horah speaking, the dark thoughts. We fight against this with our Yetzer Tov, our good thoughts, our desire and will for good. We express this to cynics and doubters and give them the benefit of the doubt, and then move on.

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  5. There is joy in all. Look closely, and you’ll see the huge smile of the bread, the red-nose of the plum, and the cute famous Anisa date-ball eyes! The banana slice bread looks like teeth! Are you smiling yet (I hope…)? Theodore Geissl (aka Dr. Seuss) is one of my faves (I see your key ring)! (The places you’ll go and the things you’ll see…). I’m sorry you’ve had it. “This, too, shall pass…”

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  6. I am so sorry that you had to deal with mean people, but just remember that they do not know you any better. Words hurt but time heals. <3

    This blog post was beautiful as always and I love the quotes below some of them!

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  7. I worry about the same thing as a new writer, but we write because we must, yes? I beleive, if we write what is our own truth, any negativity that’s brought forth still means we have touched that person in some way, we have unearthed something in that reader that they may not be ready to face, and we must accept that their harsh words are meant not as an act of cowardice, but as an act of fear. We can wish them well on their journey and understand that they face a battle we know little about. Onward we go.

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  8. This is a lovely post. I’ve been there before, where you put your heart on your sleeves only to have anonymous cowards emotionally assault you.

    One just needs to persevere in the name of art.

    Stay strong, stay bold and keep creating.


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