Be Brave

“Saturate your world with courage…”

Pictured: Hydrangea flowers (now everywhere and in all colours), an absolutely gorgeous umbrella (black on the outside, blue skies on the inside) gifted to me by Ashida sensei my hipster bear bell. Yes, BEAR bell. Because rainy season (very humid and often depressing) also means bear season. Bears have been spotted left, right and center around my rural Japanese village so we have all been given bear bells. I hold mine as I walk or place it in my trousers’ pocket. It is supposed to warn off the Pooh bears.
image (4)imageimage (2)image (1)image (5)


  1. Ooooh, do be careful. I agree, courage is needed. I love bears; though, wouldn’t want to come across one by surprise… :)
    Stunning images. I love the hydrangea; we have both pink and blue in our back garden. It is our winter, here in Australia, so they are dormant just now. I’m looking forward to the warmer months when their beauty is wonderful, indeed.

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  2. Beautiful images! I like the bell idea. In Alaska, they leave their homes, and be very noisy and shout, “Hey bear, I am coming out here now. Hey bear, bear, bear.” …so my friend from there, told me.


  3. I love the quote you posted! You definitely have to think of the positive outcomes of the situation and power through every hardship no matter what. Also, find a lot of inspiration around you!

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