There Is No Such Thing As Arrival

Slow slow, day by day.

If you’re wondering about the 8th picture, it is preparations for a temaki sushi dinner. Which is basically, hand-rolled sushi/make-your-own sushi. Sort of like Mexican taco-night but with small square-cut nori (seaweed) sheets.






  1. Among other things, you do a great job making healthy food and making it look kind of magical

    In these photos I like those little flowers and how you display bright and saturated colours, and complex shapes with a simple wooden backdrop.

    I expect you will find much to enjoy in India! Have you seen the blogs by Cornelia Webb such as this one:

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    1. Thank you for commenting lovely things (as always). This blog is great!!! Thanks so much! I am a new follower. Can’t wait to read everything! Thanks so much David.


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