So my fourth article for Savvy Tokyo is up, you can check it out HERE and all I can say is, I guess I need to develop thicker skin if I want to continue as a “writer.” Gosh, people can be so mean these days. Has anyone else noticed that we’re living in an age where someone is always trying to either disagree or prove that they know better? Maybe I just wasn’t as active on social media when I was younger…but I swear this is  new-age shizz. Whatever happened to not saying anything at all if you didn’t have anything NICE to say? Of course, we should all fight (with heart and soul) for what we believe in, but if you simply dislike a certain author  I’ve quoted or notice one or three grammar mistakes please don’t attack the writer! You can still voice your opinion but please in a nice way! You know, cos we’re all human and we’re all trying our best. And it’s not easy being so honest and open. So like, “hey girl, nice article” or not even; “thanks for writing that but this is what I think, it doesn’t mean what you’re saying is necessarily wrong, it just means we have differing opinions but kudos to you for putting time and energy into pursuing your passion, anyway.”

Anyhow, so the announcements…One is minor and the other not.

First the little news: now that my homemade granola has run out and I cannot afford to make more (cos nuts and seeds in Japan are EXPENSIVE), I’ve decided to try and quit sugar. Like all kinds of sugar. I’ve had a BIG sweet tooth for as long as I can remember. Like, if my family and I dined out for breakfast, I’d always be the one ordering fruit salad or pancakes, whilst everyone else had eggs. And, I can’t understand people who don’t crave a sweet somethin’ somethin’ first thing in the mornin’. I just don’t get it. But I’m gonna try I’mma try to. So, as of today, I have embarked on a moreish journey of savory delicious.  I won’t go cold turkey (excuse the pun) but rather slow slow day by day.

The big announcement is this, recently I received some unbelievable confirmation through 2 dreams and an important email. After my European holiday, I will be serving at Blossoms Bahai school in Bhunameshwar, India for a year!


Prepare for some epic European/Indian foodie adventures Or prepare to bash my opinions, whichever (tehe).


  1. Oh wow! I can’t believe someone could even be bothered to comment on Grammar, let alone go through the whole thing to note them! Ugh! Don’t worry about it. I really liked the article and it definitely resonated with my own experience when I first moved to Japan years ago.

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  2. I am noticing the ugly tendency in people needing to be right, point out flaws in others, or disagree with such negativity it’s ridiculous. Do not let that discourage you. We need to encourage one another. And you have been given a gift and a desire to write. Be strong in who you are

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  3. I think the world could do with a few more people remembering that guidance, ‘if you can’t say anything nice…’. I think it’s something to do with the disconnect – we communicate through screens and so don’t see the effect of our words on the people in question, as you would in a face to face discussion. Congratulations on the job in India – I do admire you for exploring the world with such courage and enthusiasm! Blessings, Harula x

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    1. Thank you dear Harula. I am sooo scared of going to India. I am certain it will be challenging in the same was as Japan was/is but I also know that it will teach me a lot about myself, the world and food! Also, it should (fingers crossed) help me grow as a writer! I’m lucky to have this blog and these amazing followers to share my experience with. I think it was Oscar Wilde who said, “happiness is only real when shared” so thank you for letting me share with you.

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      1. Yes! Mail me some? Haha. Best focus will be to develop relationships with the awesome, excellent people there! Try to make contacts prior so you can know some locals and it won’t be so lonely, at first, like through WordPress. Mukul Chand (Enchanted forest) said if I ever go I could get in touch. Perhaps you can. Others, too (more unsolicited advice sent and meant with love — but, who needs that?) xo

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  4. You’re right about the encouragement—or lack of thing. It’s such a problem now, it’s like no-one wants anyone else to succeed at anything. So sad! But I wouldn’t listen to those people. They have to insult others to make them feel better about themselves. We’ll all do better when we realise we can all win and build each other up! Thanks for voicing your opinion. Glad I’m not the only one who gets irritated at the selfish, narcissistic, destructive comments I see online. We’re a community who are following a dream, and pursuing a writing career is difficult enough as it is!

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    1. Thank you so much for your support! I completely agree, let’s help each other grow! We are all so different and so is our arts and capabilities meaning there’s no point at all in comparing or bringing others down! We can all bloom together. After all, we are all flowers of one garden XX

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  5. There are people who have nothing to do but hate and destroy others. Keep writing. You have great things to say. You are an up and coming woman who has a real life unlike those who are just wasting themselves. I deal with this all the time, but I keep doing what I do regardless. You are a great lady. Do not let them pound you into the ground.

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  6. Well done for putting out there how those comments made you feel. As a writer I’m still struggling to develop the thickness of skin necessary. The internet gives free reign to keyboard warriors who may not be so eloquent or critical face to face.

    Congrats on the new post and good luck cutting out sugar. I’m sweet-toothed like you and I don’t even want to contemplate doing it myself, so you’re brave.

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    1. Thank you for your sweet comment. I already failed.. I had muesli, banana and raspberries for breakfast today haha. Breakfast is most difficult! I just don’t crave savory! Alas.. slow slow day by day as I said. Also, thank you for your comment about keyboard warriors, means a lot to me. Lots of love xxx

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  7. Great article I can’t wait to see the Indian recipes ^.^

    As for the negativity, don’t worry about it. Learn what you can and forgive. That’s how I roll. I literally just read an article that might help you.

    Dealing With Negative People –

    Check out my blog too if interested, you might like entries 11 and 14 :)

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    1. Hi Pulkit!

      Thanks so much for that article it was really really good. I also checked out your blog and liked it very much. Especially the post on Kindness as you suggested. Very very true. I try my best to live by this motto from the Bahai faith: “we live to do good and to bring happiness to others.” Of course, I’m an imperfect human but I try to go by that and give of my heart where possible <3

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  8. Really enjoyed your article; there’s always those who want to be negative, and/or disagree for disagreement sake. Best to accept them, and be polite; as indeed you were.

    Lots of good fortune in India, I hear. New ideas, new culture, new food; yum! You’ll adapt, I’m sure. ;)


  9. There are always those who, while doing nothing themselves, are ready to drown other peoples creativity is the darkest hatred. Those are ususally the people who not only dont have the courage to say these things to someones face, but also lack courage to create and expose themselves. Anyone who ever made anything knows the feeling of vulnerability and would think twice before atacking others.
    Just keep doing what you are doing and only take opinions of those who actually mean something to you.
    I love the energy of all your posts. They feel honest, pesonal and not selfish.
    Amazing journey ahead of you!
    Gambare! 💪 💣

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    1. Vera! Where did you come from and why aren’t you a real physical being in my life?! Thank you SO much for your thoughtful comment. It has filled my heart with joy. Thank you thank you thank you. Gambarimasu xx


      1. Yes the Kiwi Vera, your fellow April arrival 🌸 I wish we met up! I kept meaning to visit you. Another lesson never to put things off.

        Cant wait for posts about your adventures across the globe ^_^
        See you in NZ someday ☀️

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  10. Wow what an amazing opportunity! I am very happy for you friend. Baha’u’llah is granting you such an amazing adventure. Be safe and have fun.

    As to the negative people…fuck ’em. You’re doing great!

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