Oksana’s Japan

Though the grass is literally greener on my side, I can’t help but fall into the human curse of wanting what I don’t have. That’s where I live city/boyfriend-adventures vicariously through Oksana – my super adorable friend from Instagram. Yesterday, I asked Oksana to share some of her favorite Japan snaps and a little bio with us. I’ve kept everything as she sent it because it’s too cute to edit.

Hello! My name is Oksana.

I am from Ukraine, but it happened to me that now I live in Japan!
I study applied linguistics at University of Tsukuba and it’s actually more interesting and challenging than it might sound if you don’t know what exactly it is :D
Love traveling, love mountains, love my bicycle, sushi, Last Shadow Puppets and… it just doesn’t come to my mind what else.

My Instargam name comes from song by Kasabian – Fast Fuse. Oh! Love this tune too!



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