Paying Attention Is Free

I think these are some of the best photos I’ve taken here. I don’t know much about photography but I try my very best. I dedicate them to my dear follower, Jin. You can follow her scummy food-blog HERE.

Peachy Green Smoothie:
1 frozen banana
1 small fresh yellow peach (pitted)
big bunch fresh spinach
1/4 cup water

Blend together and top with pretty things.


      1. What can I say? I got skills yo! Actually it varies by patient. Some days I can hit stuff I can’t even see. I just know it’s there like some IV Jedi.

        Other days…..I’m just stabbing people.

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      2. IV jedi! Wowza. My veins are so visible. It’s kinda gross. What does that mean by the way? Like, I can see all the veins behind my eye lids and on my legs and thighs. Hands, arms, they’re like popping out lol I’m a monster.


      3. It probably just means they are close to the surface. That does not mean that they are any easier to stick. Surface or fuller veins can roll and be deceptive little fuckers.


  1. Great photos, wonderfully colourful and showing various aspects of your daily life. I love the yellow butterfly on the yellow flower. The last two photos (of you?) are very striking and cleverly done. 😀


  2. Aww…thank you so much for dedicating your beautiful photos to me dear! You’re right, these are some of the best photos so far, definitely my favorite. I am sure there’s a lot more to come ;-)

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  3. They are really cool. I keep trying to catch butterflies in photos, but I’m not quick enough — they just fly away, and I wind up chasing those little @#$%&& all over the place! It’s more like patience makes perfect. In yours and maybe Josh’s case, it’s more like patients make perfect! Hee-hee!

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    1. Randy, I love you! You ALWAYS make me smile! AH. And yes, I was patient. I stayed there for 15 or so minutes trying to capture the damn thing!! And yes, I was also A patient tehehe


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