‘Cause You Had A Bad Day

Did anyone else love that song by Daniel Powter?

Ok so long story short, I was verbally abused by a 60-year old male teacher at my work for no reason at all which got me leaving for home in a pool of tears. What pissed me off is that he would have never spoken to a 1.Japanese, 2.male, 3.elder-than-me person, in that way. However; I won’t bore you with the details/get myself fired and instead just say, I have great friends. I spent my morning keeping busy by making granola then Akiko came over and we had a lovely green-smoothie-bowl lunch together (so I ate my packed school-lunch for dinner). After she had gone, Akiko returned again, this time with a gorgeous bouquet and bug spray (because I am so sweet-harhar-I am literally being eaten). Next, my teacher friend visited to see if I’m okay, she brought a cooked brown-rice and adzuki bean mix. These people know the way to my heart: food and flowers. Last but not least, Ashleigh drove one hour to see me! She came with dark Belgian (Laura be advised) chocolate. She drove us to Tottori (another hour) where I got my soy chai-latte fix and forgot alllllll about it. That’s some yin and yang shizz yo.

Also, the reason all these people knew is because I wrote a status about it on social media. Now, I only did this because I am a firm firm firm believer (and belieber) in honest blogging. I wanted all of you lovely people who follow my posts to know that there is always two sides to a thing. Travelling is amazing but it isn’t easy. And the grass may seem brighter on the other side but for all you know, it’s just the Instagram filter ;)
Honeydew green smoothie:
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 cup fresh spinach
1 banana
1 cup frozen honey-dew chunks

Simply blend together and top with pretty things.


  1. It is so great to have great friends who will comfort you when you just been beaten down hard. I hope that you are feeling better than great because of those who sacrifice their time for you.

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  2. Hope you had forgotten all about what happened and enjoying your weekend. You’re blessed to have such great people around you. By the way, I love the photos. I think your photos look even more vibrant and beautiful lately :-)

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  3. The good thing from these shitty situations is that we get wiser and stronger and get more “supplies” to get through life. At least that’s my hope! I hope it’ll happen to u too.
    ps. The bouquet photo is beautiful, like the perfect conclusion-answer to the introduction of the post!

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  4. Aw honey, I am so sorry that that happened to you, but I absolutely love your attitude about it. There are people who carry such negative energy, but you just have to convert all that into positive energy, and you did that with your friends and just letting go! :) So glad that everything is okay!

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  5. Nastiness like that is hard to take, especially when you know he wouldn’t have behaved that way to other people. Yet you took it all so well – much to your credit – and, thanks to your wonderful friends, managed to put it behind you quickly. Lovely gifts to cheer you up, and lovely photos of them. 😀

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