Hello My Name Is Doris


I don’t remember everything from my writing classes at University but I do remember some things and those some things are these: have a likable protagonist, subvert the audiences’ expectations yet at the same time, do give em what they’re expecting. Hello My Name is Doris nails all three. I don’t believe I have watched a more likable lead. Doris (Sally Field) is so charming. And adorable and sweet. So much so that I yearned to lunch with her all movie. What pleasant company she would be! Also, her mother passes away at the beginning of the movie, so, unless we’re stones or cacti or some other dispassionate thing, we can’t help but feel sympathy. And, when we find out she has sacrificed both education and love among other things to take care of her old lady, we feel even more sorry. So, she’s likable and she induces sympathy. Is that how you say it? Can you say it like that? Sorry. English is my second language, you see. Then this delightful little lady starts acting in ways I haven’t seen women her age act in any other movie and just when I almost give up on her and thus life in general (because I’m just that sucked in!) I’m given my happy ending. Feel good, human and quirky. A must must must see.

PS must mean yogurt in Farsi.


  1. Induces sympathy is perfectly good English. Also saw the movie. Pretty entertaining but also struck me as quite unlikely. I guess it didn’t induce as much sympathy in me as it did you.

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  2. Aw, your review made me happy :). Especially hearing you’d love to lunch with her. Why? It’s very special to me. In one photo, I kindof look like Sally Field. She reminds me of me: looks, way she is… Additionally, she starred in alot of movies/shows with James Garner, who looked so much like my Dad. So, whenever those shows came on, it was like, there’s me and Dad! He sortof acted a little like James Garner a bit, so the whole thing is rather comical, and special. She also made a very
    memorable film in “Not Without My Daughter” <3.

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      1. I am so excited! You have a good chance with your already-established credentials in New Zealand! That is the greatest piece of news! You cheered me up!

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  3. One more thing? Sorry… One of my best friends waited a long time to find the rich hippy-guy she had in mind. Eventually, she met the most wonderful man for her. It took a long time, but she never settled or compromised and it was the right decision she made for herself. They’re perfect together. They met in a wine-tasting class.

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  4. Nor me, nor your Mom, hah-hah-hah!!! All that, rolled-up into one, is called your “bashert”. Hope you will find yours, too. If in Bethlehem, visit Rachel’s final resting place — we believe it is helpful in matters of the female heart. <3

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