An Inside Look At Japanese Sushi

According to my adorable Japanese friend (who am I kidding they’re all adorable – the Japanese not my friends), modern sushi trains are taking over traditional sushi restaurants at rapid speed and this is making Japanese folk unhappy. Luckily, living in rural Ohara (or unluckily: bugs, snakes etc) there are still a few super traditional sushi joints left around me. These often include a male head chef (old and wise) with 1 or 2 female helpers (also old and wise). The sushi is prepared fresh, with much care and patience and of course, tastes amazing. As in, melt-in-your-mouth-gimme-more-gimme-gimme-more amazing.

In saying that, my experience of a Japanese sushi trains has also been imposing. Like really awesome and delish. Oh and exciting! Who doesn’t like moving sushi? And, they come equipped with a hot-water tap to make unlimited green tea (yes such glory is a thing!), sort of like the refillable soft drinks at Burger King. Do they still do that actually? Or have things changed since I was a teen? Keep drinking and you may counteract the sushi food baby (please refer to this for skinny effects of green tea). Lastly, some of these sushi trains are really really cheap!
Japanese sushi-trains are pretty crazy cool. Bacon sushi? Sausage roll? Conveniently cut pineapple? And all made fresh to order via touch screen? Now, we’re JAPAN talking!

How to sushi train:
1.Abort diet
2.Commence Leaning Tower Of Plates construction.


  1. I really loved this. I honestly like conveyor belt sushi much more just because how cheap it is compared to what you would get in America. I lovey your blog!! Keep posting :)

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  2. Hi, I am in Jerusalem. Permit me to imagine how this is baggage carrier works. The food is “Wrapped,” albeit superficially, not actually sealed and then rolled past other diners to reach you?
    The operation in the prep place must be Amazing,! I assume everything is cold and the components that you say are fresh must be kept in a holding container in premeasured amounts. This set up limits you to what is on the screen and nothing but the screen. Yo don’t get to schmooze with a waitress? Can you also get sides like spicy spicy sauce vs. medium spicy.
    There is a take like this in Tel Aviv where you order a box lunch from a screen, no conveyor belt.
    I make my own sashimi. Get fabulous raw fish in Machana Yehuda Market.
    QUESTION:Do you get a signal that your meal and only your meal is Coming? Or does every meal pass you on the counter?
    All the best

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    1. Wow! Such great questions! Should include them in the post hehe. Yes you get a signal that yours is about to arrive and also, it will be on a plate which is the same color as the sticker on your touch screen. You get to schmooze with a waitress when it comes to paying (they come and count your plate tower) which is probably the best time to be schmoozing. Right? hehe ok what else.. there is unlimited soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, pickled ginger and as already mentioned green tea for each table/bar seat. Japanese don’t usually consume ANY spicy food, actually. That’s Korea that eats spicy. So no hot sauce.. but we don’t usually have hot sauce with sushi! Hmmm what else, the kitchen team is huge and very impressive so everything gets shot out pretty fast and as I said, super fresh!


  3. Ah, aside from the fact that the food isn’t kosher, there are many halachic (ruling) reasons why when eating we should try not to see other’s meals at a different table and they should not be able to touch and see ours, that is in a restaurant setting.

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