Weekend Vibes

I started looking at what other foodies were tagging their Instagram photos with and this one, #weekendvibes seemed especially popular. So, I started using it and voila! 20+ followers! Hehe. Are YOU following my Instagram yet? The following are pictures from my weekend or vibes of my weekend or the weekend of my vibes?

And, I’ve started utilizing Instagram in other ways. Maybe you hardcore foodies already do this but I began searching particular places (as opposed to specific tags), like “Tottori City” and that way, came across many a delicious foodie pictures taken at quirky restaurants and cafes that I would have otherwise never have known existed. That’s how Yasuko and I ended up at Moco Lifestyle – so stylish!

The salad is simply a cup of cooked wholewheat couscous, mixed with a can of mixed beans (drained and rinsed), cooked asparagus, raw cucumber, juicy green sultanas, a splash of olive oil, juice of half a lemon, sea salt and ground pepper. Delishas.



  1. I’ve never seen a more ripe-looking cantaloupe ever. Guess that solidifies the state of affairs regarding the problems with major food-distribution and processing arrangements, leading to underripe, tasteless frankenfood!

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  2. Search cookbook authors, and see where they’ve published (for newspapers, magazines, books, etc.). Maureen Abood (her book, Rose Water and Orange Blossoms looks awesome) published with Running Press (a member of The Perseus Books Group) http://www.runningpress.com. So has Louisa Schafia, author of The New Persian Kitchen. Sign up for their blog newsletter there and at their other site (maybe) at http://www.offthemenublog.com. Write Maureen at her site and follow: http://www.maureenabood.com. Visit
    different author sites you like. This could be your book and place to publish. Look at different publishing companies, too.

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