Fush And Chups

Fish and chips are NZ fast food. Australians poke fun at New Zealanders for supposedly pronouncing it as “fush and chups” and we do the opposite, saying Australians say “feesh and cheeps” which, they do. In my opinion, and apparently the opinion of others (according to their sign) Akaroa does the best fish and chips in the world. Oh how I wish you could have tasted it too. We had fresh battered Hoki. And the ice-cream (my favourite of all time) is Black Doris plum and creme fraiche by Kapiti, NZ’s best dairy people.


  1. I like fish and chips too!

    When I first went to England, I ate it all the time during my week-long stay. I am talking about breakfast, lunch and dinner. Actually I ate kebab sometimes but usually I go for fish and chips!

    I am particular about my fish and chips. Once, I bought fish and chips from a store and there were tiny fish bones left in the fish! And I avoided that shop for the rest of my life.

    Have you ever encountered fish that weren’t deboned properly? One dude working in the kitchen of a restaurant told me that some fish, like salmon, are difficult to debone properly because they have lots of small bones all over.

    Oh, one question! Do you eat your chips with salt and vinegar in New Zealand? They do that in England and I learned that vinegar helps to keep the chips crispy even after they have gone cold! Amazing!

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    1. Heading home tonight Randy.. really don’t want to :( Don’t want to leave comfortable NZ and my mom and my family and my favourite cafes and foods but it’s ok..I’m strong.. sort of. Also, looking forward to Europe but not rural Japan.. not living alone.. not work.. ahh it’s okay.. I am blessed and I am grateful.


  2. Another JET ALT here! I’m longing for fish and chips again so bad now :P Only 7 months until I can visit NZ.. I’ve been loving your posts along with your photos which are stunning!!

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