Nothing Beats Persian Food

Nothing. Nada. Nil.

In addition to all of the other food, I have been eating some LEGIT Persian food. And not any Persian food but Persian food made with love by my loving mama and talented sister. And, with local and organic ingredients. Oh my, how I wish you could taste it too!

From top to bottom: Persian breakfast featuring a wholemeal fruit and nut loaf from Vic’s Cafe, khoreshteh gheymeh bademjoon (a lentil, eggplant and beef dish) with saffron rice, salad, yoghurt and pickled vegetables. And last but best of all, ghormesabzi (a green stew made from beef, red kidney beans and a combination of herbs and vegetables). Yum to the freakin’ O.


  1. While I agree that Persian food is delicious and I’m always a happy man come Feast Day, I think what you are trying to say is that nothing is better than comfort food, whatever that me be for the individual.

    Me? All I need is some black beans, avocado and corn tortilla and suddenly the world is made right.

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      1. Oh why did you think that? Do I sound British? I was born in Iran but moved to NZ at the age of 7.. so I moreorless grew up in NZ but have a very Persian family and background. Now, I’m teaching English in Japan.

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      2. No offence intended.. I thought your narrative sounded British.. I sound British at times.. Then take on the Jamaican(We have Syrian/Lebanese descended people there.) persona.. Hahaha.. I never knew there were Iranians in New Zealand.. I knew of Australia though! I also know about crispy bottomed rice too.. Lol!!


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