Best Of Christchurch

This will be an ongoing series. I have another 8 days.

Top to bottom:
Homemade granola with Clearwaters organic fat-free yoghurt, ViBERi freeze-dried blackcurrants and fresh fruit from the Christchurch Farmers Market. Mouthwatering felafel souvlaki from Dimitris, walk up Rapaki track with my great friend and ex personal trainer, Wally, and last but never least, wholesome bread from Vic’s Cafe  served with my infamous guacamoleimage[10]image[11]imageimage[1]


  1. Great time to come back and visit – the autumn leaves and still warm! Was somewhere a few months ago I could imagine seeing you blog about – so many new places I can’t quite remember but think it was Twenty Seven Steps restaurant, or maybe Little Poms cafe, both excellent!

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  2. Welcome to New Zealand. Looking forward to your next eight days posts to see what you come up with.
    You certainly made me feel hungry this morning even though I have just had breakfast.

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