Health Update

I am, after 48 hours, finally craving food. And guess what I am craving? That’s right, a Persian breakfast! With, wait for it…SUIKA! Or in English, watermelon. Though I am missing basil and mint… Anyways, if you aren’t already aware of my watermelon obsession then please take a look at this, or this, or this.  And to all those kind and wonderful souls who have wished me well, I love you, I love you, I love you.


  1. I love Persian food as well!!! And mint… yes mint is great… did you finally get some Persian breakfirst?
    And, though it may be smarter to recommend my own site, check out moco-choco – she made a compilation of the most amazing water melon recipes on the web… it is pretty awesome…

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  2. I am pleased to see you in good shape now. Craving for food is a very good sign. You surely become even better tomorrow… I wish you my best…

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  3. Happy you’re getting better! <3 What a happy cutting board! What's that strange, but interesting winged little guy in the photo? Do you have any idea? It's pretty, but weird…

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  4. Okay. I tried researching that little guy. It seems to be a burrowing mayfly, perhaps adult (imago). Apparently, that’s a good sign and bodes well for the state of Japanese water, as they don’t like contaminants! Hooray! It calls for a celebration! To me, that’s a Divine Sign — that both YOUR health and the health of JAPAN are improving! Celebrate! Thank you, L-rd! Hooray!!!

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