My Next Adventure


Hi hello ohayo!

I have some exciting news! I have started planning a European foodie adventure come August (when my current teaching contract ends). Starting by nannying the adorable children of a seafood chef in Galicia, (Spain), next backpacking down Porto and Lisbon (Portugal) then back to Spain for Madrid and Barcelona (I mean Paella). Later, Rhone Alpes (France) staying with my darling auntie then afterwards to Italy (Milan, Verona, Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples) and last, Athens (Greece) before returning home, full and fat, to the land of Hobbits. Though this is just a rough plan. Anyway, Wordpress tells me I have about 3000 followers which means, and I’m no mathematical expert, that at least a minority of you may be residing in one, two or four of these places. So my next plea is this: won’t you host me for a little bit? Can we meet? I can bake cake, cook curry and teach English!

Anisa sensei


      1. I have an idea! If you only have 4 months left, would you like to learn some kind of Japanese martial arts? Like Kendo.

        And then, with your demonic sword 夜の鬼 (I came up with the name), you travel through Europe righting wrongs wherever you find them. In time, the Europeans will call you The Black Knight or Kuro Kishi if that’s your preference.

        You know, because you would be wearing some cool black outfit as you fight European criminals and demons with your 夜の鬼.

        If you like, I can come up with some cool names for your ougi (ultimate sword attacks).

        But you will need some proper Kendo lessons first, to look convincing.

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  1. Hi Anisa! Sounds like you have an incredible trip lined up! Really looking forward to seeing more delicious recipes and photos from your adventures in Europe. When you do return to the land of hobbits though, you would be very very welcome to stay in Wellington with us if you fancy a trip :) hope you’re doing well xx Alláh-u-Abhá

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  2. Hi Anisa! I’m afraid I can’t have you to stay, our house is tiny. But if you do make your way to Athens, I’ll be happy to take you to lunch- and give you any advice/ideas needed. X Marina


  3. Sounds like a hell of a trip. I am very happy for you and more than a little jealous. We are in none of those places so we cannot host you but my family supposedly originally came from the Galicia area of Spain before emigrating to Mexico.

    Happy travels!

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