Ristorante Cielo: My First Fine-Dining In Japan

Juri (my friend Yuko’s daughter), passed all of her Junior High School examinations! So, we celebrated in our favorite way by eating things delicious. Last night, I had my first experience of fine-dining in Japan. As per Yuko’s choosing, we went to Ristorante Cielo, an Italian eatery in Tsuyama. It was of the highest quality, melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The waitress, a beautiful young Japanese woman, made the effort to describe each course to me in English. She was so sweet. When settling the bill, I asked her what overseas countries (if any) she had visited to which she replied “Italy” followed by an explanation of her love for the Italian countryside and the traditional foods served there. Unfortunately, I can’t remember all of the explanations as I was too busy accidentally eating everything (tsk tsk) so please bear with me with the following explanations. For starters, we had sashimi of some fish with pomelo or sweet-lemon. Entree (Yuko’s favorite), home-made pasta with wild-boar and brussels sprout sauce. Main (my favorite), white fish (sorry I don’t know which!!) with root vegetables and anchovy dressing. Dessert (Juri’s favorite), cannoli Siciliana filled with sweet ricotta cheese served with ice-cream and blood-orange. Mama mia! I want to go again. Thank you Yuko and Papa (Yuko’s husband) for shouting me such an extravagant dinner. Five stars!


    1. Kawaii!! Bambino/bambina! I love it and yes yes I want to go to Italy and eat all the foods! I love boar too! Though I don’t love running into them on the streets around my house when I’m on my bike! OR in my car, for that matter!

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