One Pot Pasta With Broccoli, Olives, Mascarpone and Lemon

I think I’m just gonna go ahead and marry myself.

140g dried wholemeal penne
200g young broccoli with its young leaves, cut into small florets
some kalamata olives
juice of half a lemon
1 tbsp basil pesto
3 tbsp light mascarpone (left over from that amazing cheesecake I made)
½ small bunch parsley, torn

Cook the pasta following pack instructions, adding the broccoli 4 mins before the end of the cooking time.

Reserve a cup of the water, then drain everything and tip back into the pot.

Add all remaining ingredients to the pot + enough of the pasta water to create a creamy sauce. Season with a good grinding of black pepper and a little sea salt.

Makes for two.


      1. Me, too (thinking of you!)! I was walking home loaded with groceries and this girl is coming straight at me on her bicycle. I dodged out of the way (slo-mo, due to travel modes) as we were both in a collision course. Looking through the tape holding my glasses together (which closely resemble yours), I was transfixed and stared at her going past. I was thinking, Anisa? (and giggling later, after being dumbfounded…). She had her hair in a bun; don’t know if I’m imagining chop-stick-y things on her head; couldn’t believe it. Mysteryville Doppelganger (sounds like an Agatha Christie who-dunnit). Weird, huh? But, funny! OMG! I was just about to post this, and when I got to the ‘post comment’ button, I saw your Insta egg backpack! That’s so screaming funny! Too much! Oh, I just noticed the bacon!!! Hee-hee-hee-hee!

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      2. I know. I laughed about it. Thought she looked like you, maybe, and the bike. She was very tall. She was on the wrong side of the street and went around me up the driveway and onto the sidewalk. And you’re not in Mysteryville. I’ve been dealing with these hacky issues all day. Couldn’t get into my system. Ergh!

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