SIX Breakfasts To Keep You Full An Entire Day

Yipee! I have officially completed my first day of the fast and currently eating everything. Just kidding! Not really… Seriously though, it wasn’t that bad and I reckon it’s because I had a really good breakfast. So, without further adieu, the following are my top 5 breakfasts to keep you full an entire day, fasting or not, either way.

1. Bircher muesli (Oats are probably the most filling breakfast food ever. Top with raw nuts and fresh fruit for extra oomph! If you’re feeling adventurous, try my peanut butter and banana variety, HERE.)
2. Chocolate chia-seed pudding (Excuse me while I drool into my keyboard…but in all seriousness, this breakfast is super nutritious and super filling because both chia seeds and raw cacao are incredible SUPERfoods (see what I did there?). Alternatively, for a simple chia pudding, click HERE.
3. A Persian breakfast (Good bread, walnuts for omega 3, good-fat vegetables like avocado, healing herbs like mint and basil and good quality cheese ok maybe not the cheese but shhh! What else could your tumtum wish for?!) Watermelon! Yes, it could wish for watermelon.
4. Banana and blueberry baked oats (Oats, eggs, walnuts, bananas and if you can, blackcurrants over blueberries but all in all, allllllll good!)
5. Black rice pudding (There’s a reason black rice or “forbidden rice” was solely reserved for the emperor back in the day. Tis good shizz. Combine with plant-based “milk”, raw nuts and/or seeds and fresh fruit and I guarantee you’ll stay full). Don’t like black? Rather brown? Das cool, das cool. It’s ok to think like that when it comes to food. Click HERE for a brown rice pudding recipe.
image156. Savory oats (a high fiber oatmeal packed with extra protein: a free-range egg, healthy fats: avocado and sunflower seeds, and lots of metabolism kicking chili!)


    1. Aww :( Yeah at my schools all the teachers eat hot food in the one communal office like at their desks in front of their computers because they’re Japanese and they MUST be ALWAYS working which is also why we’re not allowed out of the office room without asking the vice principal for permission so anyways, I’ll be stuck in a food smelling box hehe


  1. Happy fasting! Thought I’d share with my favorite breakfast during the Fast is poached eggs on toast, and the toast has to be serious bread like a dark multigrain. I usually will eat a small apple or a banana or something as well.

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  2. These breakfasts sound great! But isn’t the point of the Fast to feel it? So one can reflect on the symbolism and strive to grow spiritually?

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    1. One important thing, I realized more this year, after over 40 years of fasting, is to read the long obligatory prayer in the morning – this has helped me very much. Also to sleep afterwards in the the weekend helps me.

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  3. I’ve been avoiding sweeter things like shakes lately in the morning because I get hungry within an hour or two, it messes up my tastebuds. I’d go with your Persian breakfast, looks lovely! Happy fasting!

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  4. Hello I’m new to this blogging world and I ran across your page by accident however as we are known there isn’t such things as accidental things to happen in today’s world and. The reason I say this is because your blog may be a Saving Grace To My Life. The reason I say this is because I’m Italian I’m short I’m skinny but I don’t know how to cook giving your knowledge and recipes you could be my teacher to teach me new techniques in the kitchen kind of like virtual student of the stove. I look forward to seeing many more posts that have ingredients posted in them this is the first time I’ve been on my own I’m looking for recipes that have or call for one or two servings because the only person that can really feed Anthony is Anthony. Thank you very much have a wonderful light and life!

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      1. OK I’m following! Shouldn’t be too hard finding you now! Though the link that comes under your name when you comment.. that link is broken.. should look into that.


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