Sunny-Side Up

Sometimes blogging is hard.. like when I tell you all to follow my blog and like my Facebook page and follow my Instagram and share all of my posts and you don’t. Other times, it’s the most rewarding thing of all. For one, it has introduced me to a variety of people, people I would’ve otherwise never known. One of these, is kind and thoughtful, funny and creative, Randy. Now, I don’t know much about Randy, other than SHE (first I thought she was a HE) has been sweet enough to comment on my posts and not just any old words but loving expressions of encouragement and support. AND, Randy wrote a poem for me! Can you believe that? Someone I’ve never met wrote a POEM for me! I love you Randy! Thank you for making me smile again and again and I hope to  meet you someday! Where do you live? Israel?

If I were an egg,

I might be hard-boiled or scrambled.

But, you, my dear

Are always sunny-side up!

With softness of mantle.


For Anisa Kazemi.

I love this girl; You will, too. See why, at:



  1. Hi, Anisa! You are so sweet! I hope you’re feeling better! I love the picture you’ve posted, and you are so kind in everything you do. I hope that all good things come your way. You deserve them. Thanks for your sweet message. Love, Randy (who lives in an undisclosed location — hah-hah!)

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