Nonalcoholic Sangria

Last night for our nabe party, Mi-chan made nonalcoholic Sangria using my recipe. It was super delicious AND pretty. I love this drink because it is a nice and spicy alternative to plain fruit juice and, once you’ve drank all of its liquid you still have half a cup of fruit left to enjoy.

I won’t give exact measurements as it really depends on the jar/jug you use..

but basically…

two different 100% fruit juice (I like pineapple and grape or grape and apple or cranberry and orange)
soda water
2 cinnamon sticks
juice of one orange
2 or more tsp agave nectar (according to taste)
small cut fresh fruit: blueberries, pineapple, orange, strawberries etc

Fill your jar halfway with a mixture of the two fruit juice

Then almost full, with soda water.

Add everything else, mix well to combine and refrigerate for at least 5-6 hours before serving with ice.



      1. Looks like one. But I’m not positive, because of the stamen in the blooms! Figured it was, but now I’m, like, errrrrr…..? Almonds seem usually a little more pinkish, but similar blooms. Hoop is so cute! I’m metza-metz. Basically, I’m alright. But there’s, like, something not good — some kinda bad vibe going around. Not just me, but out there. Some lady waiting with me at the deli counter today at the market was basically affirming it for me,
        complaining how no-one smiles around here, even the staff; and I think she was kind of whispering “Jewish people” — but I didn’t quite hear her, but I was just trying to show people some extra kindness today; she then said her friend’s young daughter
        was just killed in a car crash (there was a heli hovering on my way there); the lady parked next to me was complaining about the four carts in front of the space where I’d just parked; a relative of mine
        passed away and I had a funeral to go to yesterday; we’re all on pins and needles about problematic, kind of bad health issues we’re all going through and wondering about. So, if sometimes you feel kind of down, just try to ride it out the best you can. It can just be, like, some bad energy out there, or maybe it’s us, but hopefully we’ll outlast it til the sin shines again (and warms things up!). Could those be cherry blossoms? Have you seen the beautiful cherry blossom trees and gardens?


    1. It may also be the lack of sin (hehe see what I did there) in the winter sky. I think it’s normal. Wait a minute where are you Randy? Is it winter where you are? I saw the cherry blossom (sakura) trees briefly when I first arrived here. Though this year I am super eager to see them again as my parents will be here! EEEE so excited! Exactly 5 weeks today. You are right, “this too shall pass”. Nothing lasts forever.. Better days are awaiting you (and me!). I am about to go to my last English class for today and tonight, I’ve decided to rug up and watch an animation! As inspired by you! <3


      1. Eeee! (that’s so cute! I used to say that!). It’s winter, but like Spring. I keep typing “eeee” and my phone changes it to “we’re”; think I’ll get rid of recommendation settings. Errrrg! That’ll be nice when your parents come. They look nice! Any special movie? Some Disney faves I like are: Fantasia, Aristocats, Lady and the Tramp, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin. Alright. Have fun. Take care!


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