Wild Boar Stew and Deer Antler Earrings

You know I live fookin’ rural when my neighbors specialize in wild boar stew and deer antler earrings. This Sunday, Kaori and Taka asked me to look after their gorgeous baby/toddler, Emma while they participated in an Organic market held in Okayama. I had so much fun and I really wanted to steal Emma but I resisted, somehow.
Here’s the pictorial evidence for ya’ll:
image (2).jpg


    1. Agh sorry my phone is playing up.. But it’s so cool you get to experience all these unique things you wouldn’t get in a big city like Tokyo! It’s wonderful you’ve made so many Japanese friends too.

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      1. Yes, it has been difficult for sure but rewarding :) Though after year of living so so rural, I can’t wait to be in a place with civilisation! People my age and soy lattes! hehe

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