A new project


I’m going to be completely honest with you, which I hope you know has been my so-called blogging “style” all along. There are a lot of successful folk in the blogging world and I happen to know a few ;) So, we’ve been talking and it turns out, in this techno day and age, bloggin’ just ain’t enough! Faaaack, I can’t keep up. No, I’m not going to take social media seriously, I’m not going to be sucked down that hole. I’ll post real life pictures and I’ll post them many times and that shall be enough (my initial thoughts).

Except it isn’t.

I’ve had to shift my thinking. Posting carefully selected, edited pictures isn’t just lies. It’s also an art. It’s not easy to have a visually pleasing and uncluttered Instagram account. It takes effort and time. Both of which I am willing to give if it’ll help me become the next Julia Child.

And here is the part I don’t like but alas, one that has to be done. Please follow MY NEW INSTAGRAM account and please share it with your friend, sibling and dog.



  1. I’m with you. I can’t keep up with all of the other social media, but I know that you have to if you have important blogging aspirations. Wishing you much luck on that venture.. BTW, Your photos on Instagram are as beautiful as your blog photos.

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