The Intern: A Movie Review

Building on from my Valentines Day post, I think Nancy Meyer’s new movie, The Intern makes a suitable first date film and that is all.

In my opinion, it is the baby-food of the movie world. That is, it’s easily digestible, in fact, watching it, you do not need to use your brain at all and often times, flavorless and monotone. Except, for the occasional sweet blueberry or two (let’s call them Zack Pearlmans) that find their way through, The Intern doesn’t have much going for it at all. Why? Well, I’d say, watch it for yourself and you’ll know but since I don’t like wasting your time (oh no she didn’t) I’m-ma just go ahead and tell you:

1. It is trying too hard to be cool. Packed to the rim with modern stereotypes (hipster office-space, stay-at-home dad, career woman vs. judgemental stay-at-home moms, sickly adorable child, social media, social media, social media), it’s almost uncool.
2. Unrealistic relationships. SPOILER ALERT: her husband cheats on her and they get back together as if he’d simply misplaced her hairbrush. Sure, these things happen and people resolve their issues, they forgive and forget but not that soon? Surely, not?
3. It’s too long. Thirty min shorter and it could have been good.

To close on a good note, Anne Hathaway’s outfits, her office-space and De Niro’s face are pretty cute.



  1. It was… okay. I rather watch the Devil Wears Prada than this when it comes to “Anne Hathaway in an office” role, but I can’t say no to a DeNiro film.
    I won’t watch it again and I definitely agree with your baby-food comment (hysterical)!

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  2. I totally agree with the 2nd part, unrealistic relationship. Yes yes and yes! It was such a disagreeable situation, so made me upset when I watched it.. I don’t know maybe it can be solved in time… (the thing that needed is not just time, it is a big problem about “trust”…) but suddenly everything became okay! Noo way!.. :/

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  3. I just watched this on the airplane! To be honest, I’m pretty sure there’s no way I would sit through the entire thing under normal circumstances. But, with frequent disturbances due to turbulence, announcements, etc., I guess it was just the sort of light-hearted brainlessness that I needed haha. I also watched The Martian. The same applies here too :P

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