Broccoli, pecan and raisin salad

Last night we celebrated the birthday of the three youngest boys in our village ;). Well, the neighboring village to my village which I have forcefully entered myself. As usual, much tasty food was had but for me, the star of the night was Aki-chan’s Broccoli salad. It was proof that something so simple has the potential to be so delicious. I do not have the exact recipe but this is what I imagine it is according to the details Aki gave.

One head of broccoli, steamed
Raw pecans, chopped
Raisins, as is
1 tbsp grape-seed oil
1 tsp soy sauce
salt and pepper to taste

Simply mix everything together.
Yum, vegan and nutritious!

Images (from top to bottom): broccoli salad, ginger chicken, okara banana cake and chocolate chickpea cake.



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