Sister visit, day 4.

The majority of day 4 was spent shopping. First at a variety of 100 yen stores, which are like the equivalent of 1-2 dollar shops but so much better. Like, I swear, you can find the same $50 teapot from Teasme (sorry teasme) for 100 yen or about $1 there. Next, home-centres, which, according to my woodworker friend Lifa, are a man’s heaven. This, I can now attest is a damn accurate statement as I have never seen Andy, my brother-in-law so excited. Next next, Marugame udon and after, a stay for the love-birds at Katsuragi ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn. imageimage[4]image[6]image[5]image[3]


  1. I envy you going to the dollar store in Japan. We had a Japanese dollar store in Los Angeles- can’t remember the name, but they had the most beautiful little bowls. The same ones that World market sold for $4.95. Much to the horror of my husband and I, they went out of business.

    Anyway, just a note to say that your “like” led me to your blog and am so happy to have made the long trek. :) Your photos are absolute eye candy. You have a new fan.

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  2. Oooh, I loved the 100yen stores in Tokyo. I remember getting lost in them for hours. Bought mostly things I had no idea what was until I got home and opened it haha.

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