His mother’s blueberry muffins were his favorite

His mother’s blueberry muffins were his favorite
that is, until he tried mine
shhh don’t tell her
he leant in
I thought, for a kiss
but he just grabbed another
even so, my heart skipped
I’d badly wanted to please him
flash-forward 3 years
they rise in a much smaller oven
on a new continent
in a six slot tray not twelve
actually everything has changed
even my hair color
but I still remember
I hope I wont always
the blue of his eyes
the blue on his lips


  1. Hi Anisa, I work with Delaram and am so impressed with your poetry – you have a real talent! I am looking forward to the holidays when I will have more time to read your blog. I too did the JET programme and lived in rural Japan for two years. I had a quick look at one of your posts last night and it brought back so many memories for me of what it was like being a gaijin, all alone, in such a culturally different place – so many things to deal with! Your article about gaining weight made me laugh, and cringe, and remember the frustration and surprise so often felt at hearing such incredibly frank and personal comments! You really captured how it is – even though I was there 25 years ago – some things don’t seem to change!
    Enjoy seeing your gorgeous sister – I know she can’t wait to see you, and keep writing your articles – reads like a book in the making!

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    1. Hi Dierdre! Wow what a sweet comment! It has brought me a huge huge smile in the middle of this lonnnnnng day. Every day is so long here :P Yes, I cannot wait to see Delaram! Is there anything you’d like from here??


      1. You’re too kind – like your sister who has also made the same offer. Something that has changed since I was there is that the world is a much smaller place and it’s easy to get things anywhere thanks to the internet so I’m all good. Wishing you a very merry and hopefully white Christmas!

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