Unity in Diversity

Happy Hanukkah from a Baha’i Iranian-kiwi, a Jewish Israeli and a Buddhist Japanese (and mini international Oz too, of course).

One planet, one people, please!
PS these cookies were made with Kinako (soy bean powder) but since Aki winged the recipe, I can’t give you the exact proportions. Alas, they’ve been added it to my ‘things to cook’ list and I’ve already book-marked a few recipes which I’d like to try and make healthy/vegan. Eeee excited! So, watch this space xx


  1. !! Excuse me for being surprised but I’m a Baha’i, too, so your headline made me do a double take. I miss how the 90’s was all about celebrating diversity to the point it seemed forced..I feel like the US has become so focused on separating people by not only color but political and religious beliefs. We need to be secure enough in our beliefs and open enough to other possibilities we arn’t threatened by diversity.

    So yeah, Unity in diversity and happy hanukkah!

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  2. Alla’u’abha! Another Baha’i here as well!

    The U.S. and the world in general is experiencing many difficulties. I remind myself of the power of prayer and do my part every day with the people I interact with (to the best of my ability, I am human after all).


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