Please stop attaching “ass” to the end of my name

rab bum
This is a short post on bums.

In Japanese Kun (君) is an informal honoric title. It is mostly used for males, such as boys or juniors at work.  However; in business settings, junior women may also be addressed as “kun” by their superiors. Making yours truly, sometimes, “Anisa-kun”.

In my mother tongue; Farsi or Persian, Koon کون pronounced in exactly the same way, means BUTTOCKS, yes, as in ASS.

Good morning “Anisa-ass.”

Please come here “Anisa-ass.”

etc etc


  1. I’ve long been fascinated by these “coincedental” linguistic items. I also love names and name meanings. In Hebrew, the name Caleb means “Brave, Strong,” etc. In Arabic the name Caleb means “dog.” It makes me wonder if someone from Ancient Persia took offense at someone from Japan, long ago, and started that as a joke that took over the language.

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  2. Unfortunate. The humble apostrophe confuses the hell out of the Japanese, in case you didn’t know.
    For the last two years I’ve been forced into paying the gas bill for someone named “I. a no’brain.”

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