Review no33 Juicy Mercy in Phnom Penh

I’m a big believer (also a belieber) in engaging with the “true” culture and cuisine of a country when travelling abroad. So, whilst in Phnom Penh, I ate a whole lot of weird shizz which of course, turned out to be surprisingly tasty and also, a refreshing break for my tired-of-sushi-palate. Now, I won’t lie; most of the local food looked pretty rustic (and often unsafe/unhygienic) but nevertheless; tasted delicious and didn’t give me a Dehli Belly as I’d expected. After having sampled a variety of local foods though, I was itching (figuratively – not a literal food-related reaction) for a clean and modern eatery – call me materialistic. And what better than a healthy juicery; my favorite! Here’s where Juicy Mercy comes in.

Okay, so the prices may be a bit darer than a regular juice from the many street vendors BUT the extra dollar (or two) is definitely worth it and so is, in particular; the overall experience. I ordered a berry flavored smoothie from a large selection and while I waited, basked in the contemporary ambiance. From the feature wall, neon lights flatteringly complimented me on my appearance: “You’re looking gorgeous today” (thanks!) and the AC cooled my sweaty forehead. Definitely worth a visit when in Phnom Penh and needing a break from the Cambodian heat and excitement.
image (2)
image (3)image (1)
image (4)
#22, St.282, Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang I, Khan Chamkamon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (opposite the TK avenue Pizza Company – don’t be tempted!).

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