When in Cambodia…eat Vietnamese food!

Ohayo dear subscribers.

Sorry for the brief silence; I’ve been eating my way through Phnom Penh. And believe me, at every bite, have been earnestly yearning to do a blog-post and share the deliciousness with you. I ate many things in Cambodia; street food, restaurant food and lovingly home-cooked meals. Interestingly, some of the most delicious foods I ate in Cambodia were of Vietnamese origin; cooked and sold by Vietnamese folk. After the classic Banh mi (an out-of-this-world sub), the two following VEGAN treats were my favourite.

The first was a mixture of Xoi (sticky rice – white, black and green-tinged) mixed with black-eyed peas, wrapped in a thin crepe (like a burrito) and topped with shredded coconut and palm sugar. It was served hot in a small plastic bag. My lovely friend and expert tour-guide instructed I squeeze the “burrito” together tightly (whilst still in the plastic) so that later it wouldn’t fall apart. Imagine a hot sweet coconuty burrito with a rich fruity aroma. Oh mama. One cost 0.40 cents. 10 more please!
The second was a hot sweet tofu drink sold by the most adorable little man. An adorable little man with no sign or model or any indication whatsoever of his product. Luckily, I was accompanied by a local who instinctively knew the contents of this man’s two pots. The drink was ordered and I was WOWed. Firstly, my cup was filled with hot silken tofu, followed by warmed coconut milk and lastly, topped with a strong ginger syrup. It was seriously yummy in addition to being VEGAN and HEALTHY. In other words, my next trip is to Vietnam. For if the rest of Vietnamese food is anything like these two (three including bahn mi) then I’m in lurve! A mere 0.25 cents for one. Yes, you read that right.


  1. The second dish reminds of a dessert/breakfast food we have in Singapore, that originated from China. It’s called tau huay and is made of soft tofu and as much sugar syrup as you’d life. I have fond memories of having it fresh in the morning for breakfast, mm.

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