What’s in season: chestnuts, persimmons and DEER

Currently in Japanese countryside, chestnuts and persimmons have taken over/are in season. Oh and deer! The other night, I spotted 5, YES FIVE deer on my drive home which for me, coming from a city where nothing but cats, dogs and university students in jandals roamed the streets, was; absolutely surreal and by surreal I mean, I screamed. Loud. Thank God it was night-time without a single soul in sight and I was completely alone in my fragile bentobox Japanese K-car…!!  Also, I found some antlers in my backyard (as you do) and am now using them as a jewellery stand on my dresser.
Hashtag rurallife. Anyways, back to the edibles.

Now, there are SO many persimmons and chestnuts around that they have literally conquered the sidewalk (not that there ever was a side-walk – Japan has the world’s narrowest roads – don’t quote me on that but I’m sure it’s true). I cannot bike/walk half a meter without spotting one. Persimmons, I have always loved but after some recent study on the fruit, it turns out they’re rather high in calories so, I am cutting back (insert pout) but chestnuts, Chestnuts! Id never tried chestnuts before coming to Japan. Also, I had no idea some nuts had to be boiled before they could be consumed? Did you? Or am I just dumb? I guess I assumed all nuts were like walnuts (came off a tree and able to be eaten raw). Turns out peanuts grow underground? What? Here’s an idea, why don’t schools teach this stuff in place of algebra?

So my lovely neighbour boiled some chestnuts for about 50 min, halved them with a knife and we ate them using a teaspoon. To me, they taste like sweet potato! I can’t wait to cook/bake with them. Suggestions welcome…


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