I’m going on a diet

Recent highlights:
1.The oatmeal and raisin cookies I made my colleagues – for the record, they went nuts! (if only my cookies contained nuts that woulda been a great pun). This is because, oats aren’t so common in Japan so they had no idea what was inside them. Google helped.
2.Massive naan at Sivam in Yunogo (look Jay you’re famous!)
3.Absolutely gorgeous coffee break at Nutty Plant in Katsuta (this place is the only place in whole of Mimasaka that does espresso coffee from my understanding! And just look at that Latte! Ad-mi-ra-ble!
4.Tempura night at Yukos. AH so much good. Too much good!
5.Persian muesli bars aka if I were a food.
6.Kuni-chans birthday BBQ. For the record: I only ate veggies!


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