dim sumbody say gyoza?

Last night, my Chinese friend Wendy served us the dumpling feast of all dumpling feasts. I had my own special dumplings filled with mushroom, celery, tofu and egg whilst the others ate COW! Just kidding, sort of. I asked Wendy and her Japanese mother-in-law the difference between Chinese and Japanese dumplings and was told that essentially, both are quite similar except that the Chinese prefer theirs boiled and dunked in chili whilst the Japanese prefer grilled and served with soy and/or vinegar. I VOTE CHINA!! I love boiled dumplings.. they taste much healthier than those fried in oil. And CHILI. How can you eat anything without chili? Side note: Japanese food seriously lacks heat. I need heat (in more ways than one). Anyways, back to dumps, Wendy says the hardest part is chopping the filling ingredients but once you’ve done that, all you have to do is place just under a tablespoon of it in the center of a pre-made circular dumpling wrapper, rub a little water around the circumference, fold it in half and press the edges together. The latter step can be done 2-3 times to make sure the dumplings are shut tightly and that no fillings are going to sneak out. Last step is placing them in a pot of boiling water. According to Wends, initially the dumpling will sink to the bottom but later, when ready, rise to the top.

“The dumpling will let you know when it’s done” – Wendy-san.

Oh and one last last step, after removing the dumpling from the hot water, either run it under cold water or dunk it in a bowl of cold water before placing it on a plate – this stops the dumplings from sticking together and merging into one big delicious one – actually, wait what?

SERVE WITH CHILI cos soy/vinegar is only fit for a CHILD.

image image[1] image[2]


  1. oh that looks so yummy!! I like to steam mine in my bamboo steamers….I tend to make up a mixture of finely chopped mushrooms, ginger, garlic, cilantro and quinoa….add some soy sauce, sirachi…kind of kitchen sink combo! Your table there looks fantastic!

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