have you heard of the great okonomiyaki debate?

Which is better? Hiroshima-style (layered) or Osaka-style (mixed)?
I vote layered! Gimme more! Gimme gimme more.

Here is a vague and probably unhelpful (noggin required) 10 steps to okonomiyaki bliss:

1: thin crepe layer
2: cabbage
three: meat / seafood
4: a ladle or two of pancake batter on top (to make it all stick together)
5: cover and let cook for a few minutes
6 flip and cook a little more
7:lift and crack an egg underneath
8:flip back (fried-egg side up) then top with corn and cheese
9:once cheese is melted, brush with okonomiyaki sauce then mayo,
10:finish with fish flakes and dried seaweed.


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