the best cuss bread of my life

Okay so I did a thing. I went to a bread buffet in the middle of my smoothie cleanse…lol Be quiet. I don’t want to hear it. YOLO or whatever. Anyways, you have to hear about this bread. So, in Tottori there’s a newly opened place called Ritotto Marche and it’s seriously out of this world. It’s half organic bakery/cafe half organic shop AKA my favourite place in the world. There are three options on the menu, pasta, soup or donburi (a Japanese rice bowl dish) starting from as low as 550 yen for the soup (about 6 bucks) to 1000 yen (about 11 or so) for the others. Now, here’s the glorious part; for a mere 350 yen you can give yourself the unbelievable gift of an hour access to the bread buffet and oh my goodness I can’t even, someone help me, I am still full from yesterday, it is that good and by good I mean GOOOD! Here, I should note that an individual piece of bread goes for about about 200-350 yen meaning this deal is crazy. I actual don’t know how they’re making money.

I can’t say it enough. It was the best bread I (and my friends) have ever tasted! EVER. We tried all the breads (naturally, it’s a buffet!) including fig and walnut, mixed nuts, gorgonzola and walnut, double chocolate chip and cream cheese, cheese tart, chocolate croissant, banana bread, tomato and basil focaccia and many many many (embarrassingly) others. You need to go. I need to go. We all need to go again. There is no other place one should dine when in Tottori – especially not Starbucks. THEIRS IS AMAZING BREAD. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY VOUCH FOR IT – Trust me, I’ve eaten a lot of bread and I don’t mean just at Ritotto Marche!


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