i’ll never let you gyoza

No where near as delicious and flavourful as Ayumi’s gyoza (yum yum gyoza) at the Christchurch farmer’s market, which I am so envious of all you Cantabrians for. But, still pretty good! Making gyoza (when using pre-made wrappers) is surprisingly easy or should I say a piece of cake – an idiom I have recently taught my students. Basically, we filled the center of each circular wrapper with a teaspoon of the filling mixture (mince pork and chives) then rubbed floury-water (edible glue, if you like) around the edges of the wrapper before folding them shut, pinching the edges and frying them. Did that make any sense? I am forgetting my English here. Seriously. Help.
image[1] image[2] image[3]

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