taco night and a guacamole recipe

image (4)
Last night I had the absolute pleasure of sharing a delicious Mexican feast with my beautiful neighbor and dear friend, who may i add, truly looks like a princess straight out of a Japanese folktale and her adorable family. Now, Princess Kaori isn’t just a pretty face (or lush long hair), she’s also an incredible cook. As in, I ate so much I’m still bloated. Seriously, just look at that picture! I’m madly resisting from licking the screen, again. We ate brown rice, mince beef, salsa, chicken fajitas, a wholesome salad with chickpeas, edamame, cucumber, tomato and walnut dressed with maple syrup and mustard (a killer dressing and definite must try), HOMEMADE wholemeal tortillas….
and guacamole – which I love because I love avocado or as the Japanese say, abocado, so much. Now, not to blow my own trumpet or anything but I’m kind of a guacamole queen. A year ago, I recall having a guest come up to me after a dull party (not mine – obviously) and saying: “I only stayed for the guacamole” – made by yours truly. Anywho, here’s how you too, can rock the guac:

the flesh of 4 avocados
juice of half a lime
a sprinkle of salt and pepper
a bigger sprinkle of red chill
5 cherry tomatoes (diced super small)

Mash the avocado flesh with a fork
Add the lime juice, salt, pepper and red chill and mix mix mix until smooth.

Lastly, top with cherry tomatoes – don’t mix them in! Mixing discolors the dip so, when it comes to it, strategically scoop up a bit of errthang with your Dorito, instead.

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